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The services offered by Cleaning Contractors Nottingham for washing up couches and other furniture are not only visual effects that will restore their former glory but also get rid of invisible microorganisms that cause an unpleasant smell. Our employees will effectively get rid of the smell of dog or cat urine. Regular cleaning of furniture will provide you with a reduced risk of disease and allergies.

We perform the service at the customer’s home, offices and service premises. Cleaning Contractors Nottingham employees are an experienced team with appropriate preparations, as well as equipment for cleaning leather and upholstered furniture.

Washing Office Furniture
Couches, chairs and armchairs are an inseparable element of office and service facilities, and keeping them clean helps to increase the comfort of work and ensure a positive image of the company’s headquarters. Professionally made washing upholstery furniture allows the removal of persistent stains and dirt without the need for expensive furniture replacement for new ones.


Cleaning Furniture Process
We start cleaning the furniture with a thorough vacuuming of the whole surface, which will be washed. Next, we adjust the appropriate cleaning agent for stains, dirt and the type of furniture upholstery. Then apply a detergent safe for children, adults and animals and rub it in carefully to dissolve dirt on the furniture.

When the preparation starts to work, the dirt and impurities in the furniture are removed by extraction (spraying and suctioning under pressure). After finishing the process, the employee evaluates the upholstery condition and removes any traces of dirt.

When washing furniture upholstery, our employees try to drain as much water as possible from the material being washed, however, we recommend that you do not use the furniture immediately after the service. We recommend to wait about 5 to 24 hours to completely dry – this time depends on the prevailing air temperature in the room and the degree of soiling.



Certification eligibility requirements include several years of experience in a cleaning service. The following table provides a list of some of the most recognized certifications that our staff has.

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