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Disinfection after death and decontamination of flats after the deceased

Our company specializes in disinfection, decontamination and cleaning of places of death after death in which the corpse was revealed in the decomposed state after the time.

These can be incident such as:

  • Murders
  • Natural deaths
  • Suicides
  • Traffic accidents
  • Random accidents
  • Accidents during work
  • Other


Removal of contaminants in the form of blood, urine, faeces, tissues, etc., and any signs of decomposition and rot.
Comprehensive cleaning after death and disinfection of vehicle interiors after traffic accidents.
Export and waste disposal.
Comprehensive emptying of premises.
Ozonation (disinfection + removal of unpleasant odor)
Chemical and steam cleaning of all surfaces.

Cleaning and decontamination of flats and premises after passing, deaths, natural death, corpses, murder, suicide, homicide, we perform quickly, efficiently and above all safely. Our specialist cleaning after body decomposition and ozone after death covers various stages of service – depending on the level of contamination of rooms and the amount of dirt.


We perform the tasks of cleaning the death places entrusted to us professionally.
We are one of the largest companies of this type of services in Nottinghamshire! We are Certificates for that type of services and specialized training – click on Certification, professional qualifications.

Cleaning after the deceased is one of the most complex and dangerous services. It is necessary to remember about the many dangers caused by the death of a man in a closed room. Everything, of course, depends on the type of death and the time of possible body decomposition. But always entering the premises where the decomposition or other event occurred, the result of which was someone’s death, should be secured with appropriate clothing and have masks on the airways.


In what situation do we undertake cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection are carried out whenever death has occurred, regardless of the type or time of decomposition. Such activities are extremely important for the safety of people staying in such rooms.

The entire process of a comprehensive cleaning service depends on the type of death or on the type of an accident, for example.

Whenever we deal with the distribution in the room, we start with disinfection of all equipment. Then we protect all hazardous waste. In the next stage, we empty the entire room or premises. We remove all furniture, equipment and personal items that we use for recycling. Thoroughly clean chemically and disinfect all surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, windows, doors, etc. Cleaning is very important in such cases, insects that hatch spread dirt on all surfaces. Then we use specialized preparations to pre-remove odor, fogging and finally ozonation. Ozonation has very strong disinfecting properties and is ideal for removing odors after the deceased. Of course, we also clean stairwells, vents and all surfaces that we moved.
Work stages – disinfection and cleaning after death


The work stages are selected depending on the soil and contamination of the apartment.

Performing decontamination after death, we also perform final disinfection of the staircase, corridor, elevator.

After the service with our technology, you can use the premises after 12 hours!

Microbiological Purity Test

Our company uses a special technology to test and control the surface for the presence of microbial traces (viruses and bacteria). This is a technology imported specifically from the United States.

We always carry out tests after thorough cleaning and disinfection of the surface in all cases.

The customer receives the certainty and guarantees to effectively perform the service.



Certification eligibility requirements include several years of experience in a cleaning service. The following table provides a list of some of the most recognized certifications that our staff has.

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