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Comprehensive Cleaning after Fires

As part of the comprehensive removal of damage, cleaning and decontamination after fires and burns, we offer:

Removal of soot and other debris from walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, personal items and all other movables such as books, toys, paintings, small equipment, etc.
Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation ducts.
Odour neutralization and disinfection (ozonation of rooms, furniture, personal items, etc.)
Demolishing the fire, dismantling burnt constructions, installations, etc.
Export and waste disposal.
Cleaning of soot, furniture, personal items.
Cleaning and checking electronic equipment and electrical power equipment
Removing smoke.
Inspections of ceiling suspensions.
Purification of air after fires.
Protection of property against further potential damage.
A comprehensive renovation of rooms, furniture and equipment.
Tests of contamination after the decontamination process.


Removing Odors
As long-term specialists in cleaning various types of rooms, we are aware that removing odours after a fire is very difficult. It should be remembered that the ozone treatment after a fire or smoke is almost ineffective at all, so if we want to completely eliminate the negative effects, we need a few necessary steps.

It is always necessary, even during the smallest smoke, to carry out the specialized cleaning of all surfaces and equipment, in such a way as to get rid of the fire substances in 100%, which carry the undesired odour.

Fogging Treatment its a perfect method to remove smoke odour because it not only gets into the carpet but penetrates the entire home, penetrates the walls and most other areas of the home where the smoke and other unwanted odours will subside. It is an excellent deodorization method for many types of odours in the home.

The ozone treatment is the final process. In all cases, we use several different odour removal methods to ensure that the end result is durable and as effective as possible. In addition, the customer receives a guarantee after each service.

The time of the surgery depends on the intensity of the odour removed and the root surface. Usually, the service lasts from a few to several dozen hours.


Cleaning Process after Fire

The entire cleaning and decontamination process after a fire or smoke is complicated. It should be remembered that these are very toxic compounds that arose as a result of a given event.

There are several methods to clean the surface of impurities. However, the methods depend on the type of area and type of building or room. However, most of the facilities are cleaned with specialized chemicals, which our company has adapted for many years of practice to its work. We are able to clean virtually any surface or object from soot contamination. Our employees have great knowledge in removing the effects of unfortunate events.

What does the damage removal process look like?

In order to avoid further damage and damage, our employees arrive at the scene immediately after reporting and perform free-of-charge detailed inspection and documentation, which allow to determine the best and the fastest plan of action.

After its acceptance, they come to the place with equipment and techniques and join the property security and cleaning process. The first action we take – necessary due to the pollution of toxic substances that are released during fire and smoke, are the decontamination works.

After they have been carried out and the further presence of chemical compounds is ruled out, subsequent activities are carried out in accordance with the plan agreed with the client.

Furniture, personal items and all movables are packaged and secured in detail, and if necessary – transported to the company’s headquarters, where they are cleaned and ozonated.

The same processes are subjected to home electronics and household appliances, where unremarked soot pollution could cause electrical short circuits.

After finishing the work, all items are transferred to the owner.


Cleaning Buildings

Sludges that are released during a fire are very harmful to health, but also cause secondary damage to various types of surfaces such as metal, plastic, concrete, etc.

The cleaning process is very important in such cases, it causes the removal of toxins from the human environment, but also stops the corrosion process of the building.

We have professional chemical agents that perfectly cope with the most difficult pollutants. But the preparations themselves are not everything, the most important thing in this type of purification is the knowledge and practice of our employees.

The building decontamination process itself after a fire or smoke is always divided into individual stages. Actions that must be taken in a given case are always preceded by a local vision of our technician, who defines the scope of work in detail. Visual inspection and cost estimation are always free.

Cleaning an object may take several to several dozen working days. It depends on the scale of damage and the size of the object.

Our company usually performs comprehensive cleaning, from cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, ventilation, etc. to cleaning equipment and appliances.


Equipment cleaning

One of the specialities of Cleaning Contractors Nottingham is the effective restoration of personal property, which was destroyed during a fire or smoke. As specialists in this field, we are responsible for restoring various items, equipment or documents to the original state. Thanks to the use of modern technology, it is possible to remove soot from buildings that have suffered during the incident. Ultrasound method makes the restitution of property much simpler and more effective, and what is important can be made even on very delicate materials. The cleaned equipment after the process is subjected to drying in order to get your hands in perfect condition.

Sometimes equipment and personal items are very valuable for our clients, so we know how to clean up virtually any carbon black object. Dangerous chemicals have a very negative effect on sensitive items. Time plays a very important role in such cases as fire or smoke. The sooner you secure and clean the item, the greater the chance of its full recovery.

Most of the small items are transported to the company’s headquarters where equipment is cleaned. After the completion of the work, the whole is given back to the client.

After receiving the notification, we take the first steps in the form of assessing the degree of pollution and damage. We are able to perform cleaning and renovation of practically every object and equipment. We have the right methods and skills to take on every challenge.

We clean and carry out renovations:

Antique and upholstered furniture

Carpets, oriental rugs and clothes and shoes

Pictures and books

Personal things (clothes, souvenirs, etc.)

When renovating furniture, carpets, clothes, personal items or accessories, we make every effort to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the services we offer. Therefore, we use specialized detergents of the highest quality for cleaning. Cleaning substances used by us eliminate the unpleasant smell and remove any type of dirt. At the same time, they do not leave any harmful fumes that may threaten human health.

In addition to the above services for private individuals, we also care about companies and enterprises.

We help in the recovery of equipment: workshops, companies, institutions, hotels, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, etc.


Certification eligibility requirements include several years of experience in a cleaning service. The following table provides a list of some of the most recognized certifications that our staff has.

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