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Carpet Cleaning

Household Service
Almost half the English cannot imagine living without a carpet. Many people also use carpets to protect the floor from damage. Regardless of what lies on our floor, this is a place where a lot of pollution is collected every day, that’s why it is worth using our professional services and taking care of their cleanliness.

Cleanliness of rugs and carpets in your home is not only a matter of aesthetics but also health. The dirt collected in the carpet or carpet causes the development of dust mites that produce faeces by feeding on the dust. This causes frequent allergies in children and adults.

One of the services Cleaning Contractors Nottingham offer is washing synthetic and natural rugs. Each carpet before washing is thoroughly vacuumed from crumbs, sand, animal fur, etc. We eliminate dust mites and allergens, and the fibres recover their colours after washing. The fleece of the carpet is fluffy and pleasant to the touch


Commercial Service
Extensive experience, efficient equipment and proven resources guarantee high-quality cleaning services for office and facility coverings. The service Cleaning Contractors Nottingham offer for the cleaning of floor coverings has a positive effect on increasing the aesthetics of the premises of your company or service premises, and at the same time eliminates any microorganisms that may threaten the health of employees and customers. Professional cleaning agents used by us guarantee freshness for a long time.

Numerous references from our clients confirm our professionalism and individual approach to the client. We adapt to the working time of the facility – we provide services to companies 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.


Oriental Rug

Cleaning Contractors Nottingham also performs professional carpet washing and cleaning of ORIENTAL carpets (nomadic carpets, folk carpets, craft carpets, exclusive carpets, kilims) and SILK, which come mainly from Nepal, Afghanistan, Maroco, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Tibet, China, India and other distant countries.

The history of Oriental carpets dates back to many years, they are considered to be works of art and are a symbol of wealth and luxury. Carpets of this type are made of the best types of materials (yarn) which is wool or silk. Therefore, in order not to destroy the delicate hand-woven bristles, a special method of washing them is needed.

The biggest problem of washing oriental rugs is the migration of colours. In most cases, oriental carpets are dyed with natural dyes and these on contact with water tend to fade, dissolve and consequently lead to the permanent tarnishing of the carpet or its destruction. There are many companies on the market that, despite their limited knowledge, undertake this difficult service, that is they take risks, and you take them with them.

The wash of oriental and silk carpets is carried out only by qualified and experienced staff who have undergone special training in the washing of this type of rugs.

For the washing process of this type of rug, we use special means that allow us to obtain effects for the most demanding rugs coming from different corners of distant countries.


Stain Removal

Stains – they can not be avoided. We stain clothes, curtains and carpets. On the rugs often appear stains of wine, coffee, food. This is a dubious decoration that needs to be removed because cleanliness at home or office is essential. A beautiful carpet cannot have any stains, and a stained carpet is a real nightmare of your home and office.

Therefore, it is worth to learn ways to remove stains from the carpet. Everyone certainly knows that we will get rid of some substances quickly, while others – in a rather labour-intensive way. They are all to be removed, only you need to know exactly how to proceed and that is why it is worth taking advantage of our company’s services to effectively remove unwanted stains.


Odour Control

Removing Bad Smells
A frequent problem that I encounter when cleaning furniture upholstery, rugs and carpets is a matter of bad smell.

This smell can be caused by many factors, the most common are:
– carpets and beds pitted by cats
– rugs and carpets pickled by dogs
– smell after vomit on carpets or furniture, mattresses
– cigarette scent mainly on furniture upholstery, car interior
– the smell of rot if the furniture was in an unheated room, eg garage, basement
– smell after flooding, soaking the carpet

Cleaning Contractors Nottingham has the appropriate chemicals and skills that I have acquired over the years of practice, which now uses in the fight against unpleasant odours. To effectively eliminate unpleasant odours, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

Carry out the cleaning of the carpet
Use a scent neutralizing agent.



Certification eligibility requirements include several years of experience in a cleaning service. The following table provides a list of some of the most recognized certifications that our staff has.

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